Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Johnny Manziel sports a wig, and a desire to get out of Cleveland.

We had a brief discussion recently on Zack Kassian, whether he was an alcoholic or had substance abuse issues, or whether he was just a guy who liked to party, nothing more, like so many young men in their twenties. The response to the latter assertion, as it pertains to Zack, is that a symptom of substance abuse is when it interferes with your ability to fulfill your obligations at work, with your family, etc.

And now there’s the story of Johnny Manziel.

If there was a Venn diagram or spectrum and we had to decide where he resides on that continuum, between really, really, really liking Vegas and partying, or having a problem, it might lead to some healthy debate. The creativity, the deception, the Clouseau-ness, how does all that enter the equation? And is he just a guy who never wanted to go to Cleveland in the first place, was not really pleased to be drafted by the Browns of all teams, and is now using this method as his personal escape pod.

Another factor to consider is that Johnny Manziel is already wealthy, his family has made a fortune through a series of shady deals over the years, with some prison time included for some, so he doesn’t ‘need’ to play for the Browns, or to cling to his first-rounder contract. He could be cut by the Browns and sign elsewhere to a lower contract amount, and be much happier, possibly. No one disputes his love for the game of football, it’s all that pesky practice and film study and being in bed at a reasonable hour and showing up to the team facility sober he struggles with.

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