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Jarred Tinordi is traded to the Coyotes for John Scott: chronology of a meltdown.

Cue the meltdown, as memorialized on .

Un Canadien errant
Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie 2m2 minutes ago
ARI-MTL trade call is in works. Tinordi to ARI and return expected to be John Scott and Stefan Elliott.
Then, in a mocking post to those who tend to be unreasonable in their trade scenarios, the give and take that happens in trade talks:

Un Canadien errant
MB shouldof taken ducliar instead!!!!!!

Someone posits that the Canadiens must have REALLY hated Jarred Tinordi:

Un Canadien errant
Or, as Chris Nilan said on TSN 690, “Well, it looks like nobody wanted Tinordi…”
Un Canadien errant
Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie 20s20 seconds ago
Doesn’t sound like Stefan Elliott will be in MTL long. Flipped already?
We absolutely must obtain forward help instead of another defenceman, we have to clear up this logjam. I don’t know Stefan Elliott at all, but what can he bring that Mark Barberio doesn’t?

Un Canadien errant
The TSN 1040 boys are just as bewildered at what this trade means, what it accomplishes. They read a Canuck fan email: “That’s all it cost to land Jarred Tinordi, and we’re playing Taylor Fedun?”

A moment of clarity, hope:

Un Canadien errant
I’m as disappointed as anyone on the reported poor return for Jarred. I actually wanted draft picks, to stock up for this June.
But let’s not lose our marbles about John Scott. He’s only in this deal to make the deal work, either to get the salary off the penurious Coyotes’ books, or to take a contract off their 50-contract limit total. Or both.
He won’t play here, he’s not someone Marc Bergevin covets.
Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie 2m2 minutes ago
Pending trade call, NSH sending Victor Bartley to MTL for Stefan Elliott. But not a done deal yet.

Then, when someone suggests that this trade may be a way of clearing contracts off the books:

Un Canadien errant
That’s like opening up two stalls in the barn by shooting two of your horses though.
Going from denial to despair:

Un Canadien errant
I agree. I thought we were brooding him, that we’d trade a guy higher on the depth chart to open up icetime for him, keeping our eyes focused two years in the future, when he’d be the steady stay-at-home tough guy. Now we traded him for a handful of beans, and a car on blocks.
And the beans came with an exhaustive warning sheet that guaranteed they aren’t magic.
Un Canadien errant
Pierre McGuire on TSN 1040 Vancouver: “I don’t think Jarred Tinordi has been right since he got one-punched last year in the AHL.”
Un Canadien errant
This can’t be right.
This has to be wrong somehow.
As others have stated, we might as well have waived him, instead of picking up two contracts.
I can’t believe we couldn’t wrangle a conditional 7th out of a Jarred trade and be done with it. Instead of this. Treading water.
More disbelief;

Un Canadien errant
Agreed. I understand sometimes why a plug is a throw in, you have to eat salary to get the player you really want, but in this case, we’re taking a plug and another plug.
Just take a fifth-rounder for him from the first taker and be done with it.
What’s that you say? You can’t even get a fifth? Okay, we’ll take a sixth. And so on…
Un Canadien errant
Yeah, that would make sense, except it seems like the trade call has gone through to the league, judging from Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger. So this is a standalone deal, it’s complete.

Un Canadien errant
This is Danny Kristo for Christian Thomas all over again, but far far worse.

Stéfan Fournier is announced as the Canadiens' throw-in in the deal:

Un Canadien errant
Great, our only tough guy on the farm, with Connor Crisp semi-permanently injured.
And just as he was beginning to look like an AHL’ er.
To those celebrating this as the kickstart to a 'tank' manoeuvre, to orchestrate a campaign to lose games and eventually draft Auston Matthews:

Un Canadien errant
Agreed. You play Jarred and live with his mistakes, that’s the long-term move. Trading vets for picks and prospects is the long-term move, not this.
Some think that at least John Scott will make our team tougher, harder to intimidate:

Un Canadien errant
Didn’t we see this before with Georges Laraque though? He only plays a few shifts a game so he can be avoided, and the Wayne Simmonds and Ryan Malones will just decline to fight him when invited. He’s as useless a player as there is.
Takes refuge in sarcasm:

Un Canadien errant
Can someone go back a few threads and dig up all the trade scenarios whereby Jarred was a component in a trade for Ryan Johansen or Kerby Rychel or Jordan Eberle (“The Oilers need defencemen!”)? Please? I really need a laugh.
Begins to question the whole 'keep him on the roster, off waivers' strategy:

Un Canadien errant
I’m beginning to wonder that same question. If he can’t return a 7th round pick, like Jim Benning said was true about Zack Kassian last spring, then you have to wonder if any other team would claim him on waivers, if they had to stash him on their 23-man roster at close to a million in cap hit.

More sarcasm, how trading John Scott absolves the Coyotes/League from playing him in the All-Star Game:

Un Canadien errant
Gary Bettman will probably goose up our lottery pick a couple of slots as a thank you for getting him out of that All-Star jam. We’ll draft right behind the Bruins and Flyers, probably.

Un Canadien errant
“Memo To:” segment of TSN 1040 Vancouver
John Scott: See, I told you it was too good to be true. Signed, Rory Fitzpatrick.
John Scott: If you want to go to the All-Star Game, go. Who’s going to stop you? Signed, Sean Penn.
Gary Bettman: No one believes that John Scott was the pivotal piece in that trade. Signed, every fan in the world.
Un Canadien errant
Crooked, crooked, crooked…
Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie 2m2 minutes ago
John Scott was previously asked by both NHL and Arizona Coyotes to bow out of NHL All-Star Game. He refused. Trade likely takes care of that
I really hope that this isn’t true, that Marc Bergevin wouldn’t stoop to this level of deceit.
Un Canadien errant
It’s more accurate to say that fans trolled the league by voting in John Scott, the worst player they could think of, to make a point about how things are run. And the NHL couldn’t face up to it head-on, they had to go behind the curtains and move the levers.

Contemplating the catastrophe, how much was invested in Jarred:

Un Canadien errant
We traded up to get the 22nd pick too, gave up our first and second round pick for #22 and a fifth I believe.
June 25, 2010 – 1st round pick #27 (Mark Visentin) in 2010 and a 2nd round pick #57 (Oscar Lindberg) in 2010 traded to Phoenix Coyotes for a 1st round pick #22 (Jarred Tinordi) in 2010 and a 4th Round pick #114 (Mark MacMillan) in 2010
Someone floats the theory that this is about saving cap space:

Un Canadien errant
It’s a feeble objective, to waste-can a former crown jewel to save a paltry mill on the cap, pro-rated.
Disbelief, more of it:

Un Canadien errant
To all the haterz, I swear I’m not making this up:
Renaud Lavoie ‏@renlavoietva 1m1 minute ago
#canadiens recall Victor Bartley. They want to see what he can do. Told he’s a D who’s playing like Francis Bouillon. #tvasports

Some tut-tut that most of us have never even seen John Scott play, so how can we judge this trade:

Un Canadien errant
Honestly, what do we need to see to know more about this player. I saw John Scott live, and like with Derek Boogard, he’s the kind of player who stood out like a sore thumb, so far behind the play, so incredibly slow.
All we need to do is look at his record, his stats, and stand comfortably on that.

More details leaking out:

Un Canadien errant
Renaud Lavoie ‏@renlavoietva 3m3 minutes ago
John Scott won’t play in MTL at all. It’s really the Coyotes who insisted to include him in a trade. They didn’t want to pay him in the AHL.
More gnashing of teeth:

Un Canadien errant
I posted a week or two ago that if our team is going to consist of Brendan Gallagher and David Desharnais and Tomas Plekanec and Daniel Carr and Sven Andrighetto, and have Charles Hudon and Martin Reway and Arturri Lehkonen and Daniel Audette in the system, then we need to have the Three Towers of Jarred Tinordi, Zack Kassian and Mike McCarrron to counteract that, to right the balance a little bit.
I’ve kissofdeathed two out of three of those guys already.

Hopscotching in our Stages of Grief, we now hit 'Bargaining':

Un Canadien errant
Backsies: How about Tinner and a fifth for Anthony Mantha? Did Marc Bergevin call Ken Holland? Maybe make another final, absolutely last call?
I’ll even take Tyler Biggs if the Pens want Tinner.

Un Canadien errant
5. As for what Montreal might give up: at some point, the Jarred Tinordi situation has to end. Bergevin was asking for two seconds last summer, but it’s probably less now. (…)

And, in closing:

Un Canadien errant
The silver fly in the ointment is that this makes things even worse for Gary Bettman than he might have thought it was to begin with. He goofed royally on how to handle the All-Star Game, for years on end, and this seasons got punked by knowledgeable fans who knew the mere presence of John Scott on an NHL roster is a farce.
He tried to make the mess go away, like when Marcellus Wallace sent Mr. Wolf to Jimmy’s house, but he evidently put Daddy Campbell on the job. And no one is buying it that this whole mess is on the level.
70’s is begging the positrolls to put a hopeful spin on today’s trade. I’m calling out the Bettman apologists, the guys who reliably squawk that he “grows revenue”, and challenging them to put lipstick on this Gary.

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