Thursday, 5 November 2015

Wisecracks on Thoughts

Justin Bourne regularly does a "Thoughts on Thoughts" column whereby he comments on some of the items in Elliotte Friedman's excellent "30 Thoughts" columns.  

I thought I'd try my hand at a "Wisecracks on Thoughts" column of my own, blatantly misappropriating Mr. Friedman's work work from this week.

3. (About the review process) I’m astounded how little talk there is about how the Rugby World Cup’s Television Match Official system effectively, comprehensively improved the games, and how it could easily be adapted to hockey or football.

5. ( “Hearing Buffalo is looking for a left-shot defenceman,”) But, we already gifted them Josh Gorges.

10. (Preds contract discussions with Filip Forsberg and Seth Jones) Offer sheets!

22. (22. About his top three on defence : “Make the easy play early. You might skate it up ice, but if there are two or three sticks in the lane, you can’t go north/south as quick as we like to.”) It’s what I’ve been telling Jarred Tinordi for a while now. If your D partner is open, slide him the puck. There. Your job is done. Gilbert Delorme agrees.

23. (Alain Vigneault: “I try never to critique a win. Guys have to have fun. I can still get my points across. When you’re winning, you have to keep a pleasant environment.”) Social media, are you listening?  The Canadiens are winning.

24. (Dale Tallon: ‘Forget the money.’ You’ve got it. It’s over. Nothing can change that. Don’t try to earn it all in one shift.) About players trying a little too hard, maybe that’s what Alex is doing, trying to justify his coronation every single shift.

25. (Matt Cullen on Marc-Andre Fleury: “Guys love playing in front of him.”) When was the last time we read anything positive on Marc-AndrĂ©?  Refreshing.

28. (The CHL/NCAA Cold War): I’m forgetting another example, but the Danny Kristo story makes me wonder if, in most cases, a player is better served playing NCAA for 2 or 3 seasons, and then jumping to the (minor) pros, instead of staying and graduating on their senior year. The fourth or even fifth year (if a player redshirts) doesn’t seem to add to the progression. You’ve got a prospect who’s one year older and more mature, playing against ever-easier competition, the older players having graduated and been replaced with teenagers.

Maybe Mac Bennett and Greg Pateryn come to mind. Their fourth season wasn’t a quantum leap, more like stagnation. A player getting used to their surroundings, getting comfortable?

In the old days, getting a degree meant something tangible, I’d applaud them for getting that Michigan education, preparing for if things don’t pan out. But salaries have exploded to such a degree, they can even make decent money in the AHL, compared to their classmates who are on internships or entry-level jobs struggling to pay off student loans. I think if a young adult has a chance at the pros, he needs to take it, and backfill in the missing classes over the next few summers.

29. (Canucks GM Jim Benning on Jared McCann and Jake Virtanen) If they tail off, it wouldn’t surprise me if they get the Anthony Duclair and Curtis Lazar treatment, get sent down to the WJC team, then finish off the season in Junior with a race to the playoffs.

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