Thursday, 5 November 2015

Canadiens send Greg Pateryn to the Icecaps for a conditioning assignment, overload the right side of the blue line.

The Canadiens have sent Greg Pateryn to the St. John's Icecaps, in the midst of a long road trip, for a 'conditioning assignment', since he hasn't had a chance to play since the start of the season.

I was wondering if they’d resort to that. Considerations include the fact that the player has to agree to the assignment. Greg is secure with a two-year one-way deal, so I think trooper that he is, he wouldn’t say no to a chance to play.

The Canadiens were probably thinking an injury has to hit us anytime now…

And once he has four or five games under his belt, do they rotate Greg back up and send Jarred down? Does he agree to it?

I also wondered about who sits out with the IceCaps. Darren Dietz is on the top pairing, probably the ‘next man up’, certainly on the right side. Morgan Ellis has been having a strong season, after an uneven couple of seasons to start his pro career. And Brett Lernout, the rightie on the third pairing, is playing well and needs the minutes to develop too. I think the team might be banking on this youngster in their future planning.

Ryan Johnston is hurt, so that reduces the backlog, but Josiah Didier and Dalton Thrower need minutes too. Does one or both get sent down to Brampton for a couple of weeks?

Pundits have been predicting a trade of prospect defencemen for a couple seasons now, and they convinced me, but now I’m kind of feeling shorted, anxious. Let’s flip Morgan Ellis for Brett Ritchie already.

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