Sunday, 25 October 2015

Game 9: Canadiens 5, Leafs 3

Sturdy Thoughts on the Canadiens 5-3 win over the Leafs:

1)  Remember back when the Leafs traded for Roman Pollak, and we were a little jealous?  Big, a little mean, rightie, would clear the crease, stay at home and prevent goals?  'Member that?

2)  Remember when our defence was a hopeful combination of Jaroslav Spacek, Raphaël Diaz, Yannick Weber, Josh Gorges, Hal Gill, and a callow P.K.?

3)  I've whined before about the Canadiens lack of finish when the opposition net is empty.  Nearly four minutes of torture tonight.  The David Desharnais line had four or five shots blocked, deflected, hit posts, miss the wide open net, in one single shift.  Even Max missed.  I'm starting to think conspiracy, with pro wrestling refs involved somehow.  Geoff Molson wants to keep beer drinkers in his barn rather than streaming for the exits.

4)  I wondered idly if, when the coaches go over the video with Alex Semin of his giveaway in the defensive zone, when he tried to pass through the middle instead of making a 'strong play' with the puck off the boards, maybe they'll hold off and get Andrei to gently discuss it with him.  I can't imagine it would be too long a conversation.  "Don't do that again, doofus."

5)  Any Martian who's landed on Earth and listened to the broadcast to learn our ways and integrate seamlessly into human society has come away with the surety that Byron Froese is that Son of God he's been briefed on.

6)  Just to instigate, cause the reactionary 'groupuscule' to lose its marbles, I want Michel Therrien to give the boys a day off tomorrow.

7)  Just as there's a two-minute penalty for sending the puck in the stands or netting in the defensive zone, there should be one for sending a puck onto the players bench, either one.  It's just as much a delay of game, with the added danger that someone will one day get really, really hurt.  Zero tolerance.  Control your puck near the benches, or go sit and feel shame.

8)  Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau, you're not a bad guy, no hater here, but get your redemption elsewhere.

9)  If Jeff Petry has a poutine named after him, Carey Price should have a filet mignon with peppercorn sauce bear his name.  With sautéed mushrooms, spinach and steamed asparagus drizzled with garlic butter, and roast potatoes.  With an icy lager on the side.

10)  Did I hear right that Andrei and P.K. already have thirty points amassed between them?

11)  Nine wins in a row.  That's kind of a nice number, has a certain resonance to it.  Le numéro neuf.

12)  I get to see the Canadiens play against the Canucks at the New Pacific Coliseum and try to tie the record.  Should be an even split between bleu-blanc-rouge sweaters and blue-green jerseys.  And it will be another nice number.  Le numéro dix.

13)  Jonathan Bernier.  Ayoye...  He should review those Nelson Mandella tapes, to better pattern his game after him, get inspired.

14) tells me that the Leafs have lost 8 in a row to the Canadiens.  Can we please put to rest that rivalry balderdash, retire it?  Please?

15)  You'd think that with even the powerplay now clicking, the Canadiens would silence the critics, but they go and allow 50 shots against.  Brace for calls to trade for Zenon Konopka, a tough defensive fourth-line centre.

16)  I hate Nazem Kadri.

17)  Not crazy about Dion Phaneuf either.  Listen up, ahem, Captain, you've made a career of dishing out elbows and crosschecks and late hits and more dirty crap.  When you get rocked into the boards, take your medicine like a big boy.  Suck it up, you weasel.

18)  Torrey Mitchell got owned in the faceoff circle.  15% FO wins?  Can that be right?

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