Saturday, 3 October 2015

Alex Semin doesn't want to dwell on the past, looks forward to a good season.

Richard Labbé of La Presse takes an in-depth look at Alex Semin in this article.  He describes some of the controversies attached to him during his career.

Mr. Labbé repeats how uncomfortable he is dealing with the media, fiddling with his equipment and looking at the ground while answering questions.  He flatly answers that he doesn't want to go over last season, to even remember anything about it.

"I'm just eager for the season to start.  This season will be a better on for me.  I want to forget about what happened last year.  This is a new team for me, with new (translation: feelings, emotions?)."

He's asked about his game, his previous successes on offence.

"I have to shoot more.  I like to pass the puck, but I need to shoot more.  I used to have five or six shots per game (in his best season in Washington), and that's why I scored.  We'll see what happens here.  I like playing with those two (Eller and Galchenyuk), certainly."

"I just hope to have a very good season.  I hope to win the Stanley Cup."

"It's not my first season in this league.  I know very well what hockey represents in this town, I know that the fans are crazy about hockey, I know there's a lot of media.  But that's nothing new for me.  I'm here to do a job."

Again, this is a low-risk signing with a potentially big payoff.  With a player who's out to prove himself, in a better situation, with better support and leadership compared to his previous team, this is a good bet to take.  I see him as a better option than another season of Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau in the same role.

Add in Zack Kassian as a likely upgrade over Brandon Prust, and GM Marc Bergevin can't be faulted for not addressing the team's scoring woes, while keeping an eye on the future and the long-term health of the team.

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