Saturday, 19 September 2015

Training Camp Scrimmage 2: Blancs 2, Rouges 4

Impressions on the Blancs-Rouges intrasquad game this morning at the Canadiens’ Brossard rink.

-Stéphane Leroux and Gaston Therrien are doing the honours. I always have time for Monsieur Leroux, he’s humourous, humble and self-effacing, and knowledgeable if not downright encyclopedic when it comes to the LHJMQ.

-Gaston Therrien I’m less sold on. I like when he speaks plainly about players and situations, when he tells us what’s going on instead of protecting his sources, his access. Last season though, he botched this assignment, seemed put off at having to watch recruits and pre-season. He wasn’t informative, seemed foggy on who was who, and his comments were limited to incessantly saying about this or that player “Il doit en donner plus”, or “Il peut en donner plus.” Not very insightful.

This time around, at least based on yesterday, he seems better prepared, maybe attending the rookie tournament in London helped.

-Gabriel Dumont wins a draw to Jeff Petry, who wrists it past McNiven.  1-0 for les Rouges.

-Thomas Fleischman scores to make it 1-1, on a penalty shot against Mike Condon. Alex Semin had been called for hooking on a backcheck.

-P.K. gives the puck away in his zone, Christian Thomas puts it behind the goalie and makes it 2-1 for les Rouges.

-Ryan Johnston gives the puck away in his own zone, Lars Eller makes it 3-1 for les Rouges.

-Second period will feature Carey Price on les Blancs, Dustin Tokarski for les Rouges.

-Connor Crisp inherits another P.K. giveaway, gets off a shot on Carey Price who calmly makes the save.

-Really jumpy stream, constantly refreshing after an interruption. Very frustrating, considering what I’m paying for this.

Actually, it’s a little bit like torture, you hope and expect to see the youngsters, and get denied. Maybe we were better off when we’d read about scrimmages the next morning in La Presse, and discovered the exploits of Mike McPhee or Kent Carlson or Gaston Gingras that way. In print. With everything left to the imagination. The way it was meant to be, apparently.

-P.K. on a penalty shot, advances on Dustin Tokarski and winds up, unleashes a slapshot and scores. I think Dustin conceded the goal, stood up before P.K. actually shot it. 3-2 pour les Blancs.

-Lars on a feed from Alex Galchenyuk, cruises in on Carey Price and picks the top corner. Stéphane and Gaston are very appreciative. 4-2.

-McCarron, Scherbak and Carr still playing on the same line.

-Game ends 4-2, hard to pick out any standouts with the poor quality webcast. Yesterday Nathan Beaulieu and Brett Lernout jumped out at me, today it was really hard to follow the action.

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