Thursday, 17 September 2015

Daniel Audette doesn't make the Canadiens' main camp, is sent down to the LHJMQ beforehand. Message received?

About Daniel Audette being sent back down to junior by the Canadiens and not being retained for the main camp, isn’t that a swat on the nose with a rolled up newspaper for him? Like Brady Vail a couple summers ago, sent back down before he could play a pre-season game?

The big difference is, Daniel Audette already has signed an Entry-Level contract, whereas Brady never got an offer, but it’s still surprising to me that he got sent down so soon, a little more than the Simon Bourque situation, since the latter just got drafted this June.

I read the RDS article on this, being curious about that move, and as I suspected, many commenters felt that it was a clear message to Daniel Audette, that he hasn’t progressed as much as he should have, both physically, and his play. With a stronger team in Sherbrooke last season, better teammates, being more mature now, and especially since his strong suit is supposed to be his skill and creativity on offence, I expected a points explosion from him last season, and it didn’t transpire.

Everyone is kind of taking it in stride, that he’s still young, and was only a fifth-rounder, but according to LHJMQ watchers, he needs to make a big leap in his physical development, like Charles Hudon and Sven Andrighetto have done for example, and in his involvement during play, to not avoid contact or the front of the net or corners, etc.

With 58 players invited to camp, it’s not like the Canadiens were trying to run lean, to focus on a few players rather than casting a wide net. Definitely a message to young Monsieur Audette, that they couldn’t find room for him to attend camp.

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