Thursday, 11 September 2014

Montréal Canadiens announce their rookie camp roster

The Canadiens have finally announced their rookie camp roster, which we get to feast on after months of speculation.

Quick takes:

-My favourite prospect Bokondji Imama is on the list, as reported earlier this summer.

-So is Nick Sorkin, we figured this one out a week ago or so.  Derek Wills of the Bulldogs' broadcast team spoke highly of his play the last few games of the season.  Big fast winger, we could do worse.

-Despite poor reviews at the prospect camp, Stefano Mommesso is back for another kick at the can.  And who the heck is Riley Brace and Sahir Gill?

-Stéfan Fournier is listed as injured on the roster.  I hope this kid gets healthy in time for the season, he's got a steep hill to climb, he can't be missing time due to injuries.

-As pointed out on social media, both Darren Dietz and Dalton Thrower are now listed at 209 lbs, as opposed to the 195-200 lbs range we're used to seeing them at.  Good for them for filling in, they'll need the extra beef to continue playing at the pro level the physical style they employed in junior.

-Runner-up in the race for our heart is Seattle Thunderbird 6'4" enforcer Evan Wardley, who is also a return figure from the prospect camp on the blue line.

-The future is set in net, with Zachary Fucale, Mike Condon and Hayden Hawkey, and Jordan Papirny playing the role of the guy who goes down to the planet surface with Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

-Generally, there is some serious size and heft on that roster, even aside from players who are already our property like Michael McCarron, Connor Crisp, Brett Lernout and Jacob de la Rose.  Invited players are also impressive in their size if not for their stats.  We've already covered Messrs. Imama and Wardley, but others include 6'5" forwards Tyler Hill and Matt Shmaltz, the latter having been passed over this June in his first draft year.  So we're seeing the Marc Bergevin team put a premium on size, for better or worse, to a much greater degree than the Bob Gainey régime, which seemed to favour tweeners or undersized Québec players like Dany Massé and Olivier Fortier.

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