Monday, 8 September 2014

ESPN's Berman and Dilfer dance around the Ray Rice subject, fearful of upsetting their NFL overlords/cash cow.

Hearing NFL shill Chris Berman comment on the fallout of the Ray Rice tough-guy-in-the-elevator video release is making my brain leak out of my ears.  Boomer, ESPN's contract with the NFL is solid, it's signed for the next hundred years or so, you can tip-toe up to the line where some would think you're verging on disapproval, and your bosses won't flip out or anything.

"The Ravens' owner acted decisively," says Trent Dilfer.  Let me help you out with the adverb here Trent, how about 'belatedly'?  Acting decisively would have involved making a call back in February, when the first video surfaced of Ray Rice dragging his unconscious girlfriend out the elevator like she was his least-favourite neighbour's couch on moving day.  The Ravens had all the information they'd ever need back then, but only reacted to the shifting tide of public opinion and online media today.

But then again, the Ravens and ESPN are well-known for their moral equivocation, what with both's willful association with unconvicted murderer Ray Lewis.

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