Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Winter Olympics look great on TV, and so do Dara Howell and Kim Lamarre with gold and bronze medals.

I thought HD tv's were made for hockey and football, that that's where they shined.  I now have to at least make it a three-way tie with the Winter Olympics though, the crisp picture, the bright colours, the slow-mo, the snow or ice shavings flying off the blades or runners, fantastic stuff.  Great to wake up to find the Canadian ladies added two more medals in the ski slopestyle, what a treat that was to watch, aside from a couple of competitors who were clearly overmatched and cowed by the course.  

Congratulations Dara Howell on your gold medal, well deserved after an excellent run, although I really like the trick Kim Lamarre did where she launched a huge jump swithstance (riding backwards) and sailed all the way to the landing without rotating, and stomped it switch.  Compared to a scrambly over-rotated trick with a hasty grab, it looked really cool and different from everyone else's attempts.  A well-deserved bronze medal for her.

We had the 2010 Olympics here in Whistler, but somehow I don't remember enjoying the telecasts as much.  Probably (duh) because I could attend a few of the events live.  Another factor would be how busy, almost frazzled we all were with work, aside from making sure I didn't miss any Canadian hockey team game, my viewing was pretty limited.  This year, I'm transfixed.

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