Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Ryan White becoming all he can be

Good to see Ryan White getting some props lately, and getting some love from the media.  His return to the lineup after overcoming a lengthy injury has been a minor sensation.  The combination of Dale Weise and Michaël Bournival with him at centre played 

My ardor on Ryan had cooled after last season.  While not exactly giving up on him, I was afraid he'd plateaued, got sidetracked by the fighting aspect of his game, maybe he'd never fully develop.  Maybe the concussions would derail his career. I still was happy to see the Canadiens retain his services, there was no reason not to really, he was a cheap asset to keep.

I know it's a small sample size, barely a blip, but I hope the last three games are an indication of what he can become, a Matt Hendricks-type of player who rounds out your roster, whose teammates love him, and who brings a physical game but is also reliable and can take a regular shift, and play a defensive game that's effective, and makes our team tough to play against. 

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  1. I thought White looked good before his injury. At the end of the stretch where they played badly but won games he looked very good. His potential has been estimated differently at times and his odd skating stride leading to shin splints held him back. I don't find he looks slow anymore so he may not just be able to play but be able to play above the fourth line.

    White definitely goes on effort more than on talent or physical ability. If his body picks up a bit he could be good.