Thursday, 24 October 2013

Claude Julien, Buffoon In Charge of the Bruins, has his sensibilities offended by those nasty Sabres

So Claude Julien is outraged that during his team's 5-2 win over the Sabres, Buffalo's John Scott headhunted Bruin Loui Eriksson and knocked him out of the game, and perhaps for a few more.  He had this to say about it:
"The referees called it the way I guess everybody saw it.  It's unfortunate but the guy (John Scott) who did it did his job tonight. He's out there for two reasons and that's either to fight or to hurt. He did his job tonight."
The sad truth is that Claude Julien and Cam Neely and Peter Chiarelli are reaping what they sow here.  Their intimidation tactics along with Brian Burke's “proper levels of pugnacity, testosterone, truculence and belligerence” in Toronto have forced the Sens to go out and get Matt Kassian to add to Chris Neil, the Canadiens to sign Brandon Prust and Douglas Murray and trade for George Parros, and the Sabres to add Steve Ott and John Scott to Patrick Kaleta.  These moves were a direct response to the Bruins' headshots and crosschecks and thug tactics.  So Claude Julien and Peter Chiarelli created an unsafe working environment that is blowing back onto them.

Meanwhile, the submoronic Colin Campbell is somehow still in charge of the way the game is played in the NHL, despite the mortal wound to his credibility, and Gary Bettman is in Chavez Ravine making ice.  Thumbs up!

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