Friday, 23 August 2013

Prescott, Arizona symbol of everything that is wrong with new, fierce capitalism

We spoke of the firefighters who died in Prescott.  We surmised that some basic mistakes were made to cause this tragedy, and hoped that we'd learn these painful lessons again.  Those who died would be honoured and remembered as heroes who paid the ultimate price to protect their community.

Unfortunately, their community is keen on paying a much more reasonable price.

Word has spread that the six fulltime firefighters who died that day will receive full survivor benefits for their families, but the families of the thirteen who were part-time are out of luck according to the L.A. Times.  As they put it, maybe those guys should have only partially protected the community.

The insane are truly running the asylum.  If we don't treat our doctors and nurses and teachers and police officers and firefighters fairly, if we send the message that the only careers worth pursuing are on Wall Street, we'll end up with the society we deserve.

Do we really want the ambulance attendants who show up when our mom needs help to be the lowest bidders?  Or do we want them to be treated as the crucial professionals that they are?

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