Thursday, 1 August 2013

Former Hab goalie coach Pierre Groulx heads to Munich Red Bull

Good writeup by Dave Stubbs of the Montreal Gazette on Pierre Groulx, who'll now serve as goalie coach under Pierre Pagé for the Munich Red Bull of the Deutsche Elite League.  Interesting to see what his next challenge is going to be, Munich would be an adventure for most of us, but especially for him with his young family.  Good to see that he "landed on his skates" as Mr. Stubbs wrote, and to see what his frame of mind is after having been let go by the Canadiens.  Again, the fact that he's walking away with no ill-will towards Marc Bergevin and the Canadiens is a positive.  

Maybe due to the rant by Rollie Melanson, Mr. Groulx took some shots on social media, where he's now treated as a pariah and incompetent, since 'he never played the position'.  In fact, he must have been doing something right to hold down the job for so long.  Let's agree that there was a need for a change, a question of fit, and wish all parties the best of luck.

Oh, and who knew James Reimer had been banished to the DEL?  Sure, he had a collapse for the ages in these playoffs, but I wouldn't thought that his 'Golly gee whiz' act had grown that thin on the Leafs.

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