Saturday, 24 March 2012

Game 76: Montréal 1, Philadelphia 4

We're mathematically eliminated. It doesn't even sting.

Good result for the organization, we lose in regular time and the Leafs lose in OT to hamper themselves with an unwanted point in the standings. Minny and the Islanders kept pace though.

Remember the house party at the really cute girl's house, where you were up against three other goobers trying to be the last one to leave, and you were dragging your feet and stalling and helping her clean up and putting another CD on and misremembering where your jacket was and doggone it now you'd miss your bus so you had at least another half hour to kill....

Few positives to point out, even the reliable penalty-kill unit gave up three goals on five chances. Let's see, let's see..... Oh yeah: Josh Gorges blocked six shots, maintaining his lead as the league leader.

Claude Giroux was kept off the scoresheet. So was David Fischer.

Wayne Simmonds wasn't permitted to be the bully he usually tries to be against the Canadiens, or at least the smaller, meeker Canadiens he faced earlier this season. When he blew a fuse in the third, Mike Blunden and Ryan White were right there on him, and the refs actually got the call right, calling him for two deserved minors and a misconduct.

Six more to go. Let's see a René Bourque goal explosion before the season ends, and more excellent all-round performances from P.K. Subban (psst!... P.K.... Use your wrist shot more. Fake the slapper, then move to the centre and wrist it.)

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