Saturday, 17 March 2012

Amateurs on That’s Hockey 2 Nite

Watching That’s Hockey 2 Nite (ugh… is Prince the exec producer on this show?) and Kevin Daneyko says “Daniel Alfredsson gives the howdy doody to the Montreal defenceman, I believe that’s Desjarnais”. And it’s not a typo, he pronounced it as a cross between ‘Desjardins’ and ‘Desharnais’. Motormouth Steve Kouleas retorted: “I think that was Mathieu Darche actually, number 52″.

The jersey number was there clear as day, number 62, it was Frédéric St-Denis who got deked by Mr. Alfredsson.

How unprofessional is it for these two clowns to just wing it like that?How hard is it to check the rosters on the game recap on

When I comment on this site I take 5 seconds to check or Wikipedia or CapGeek, I don’t say “I think…”, I state a fact. These guys have staffers, a budget, they have no excuse.

There’s more. They replayed the goal a couple of minutes later, and Mr. Daneyko says Daniel Alfredsson does the “Howdy Doody on a forward there, not a defenceman….”

If you’re so unclear on what’s going on, so confused that it encroaches on your commentary, don’t you just stop rolling the cameras and do your homework and come back once you’ve got your facts straight?

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