Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Red Wings envy

Interesting writeup by Stu Hackel on the Red Wings who we all compare the Canadiens to in terms of organizational strength, managerial acumen and drafting prowess. We envy their stability and the respect they engender across the league.

Watching l’Antichambre tonight, they had on three guests who I had to Google to figure out who they were: Claude Legault, Louis Morissette and Stéphane Archambault. Apparently they are all well-known in Québec, and are all actors and do improv among other talents. In any case, they were there to represent the average fan of the Canadiens, and they were all informed, passionate and engaging. The paradox in their comments is that all three agreed, along with many in the Commentariat, that the Wings is a model franchise in that they have stability instead of lurching from one crisis to another disaster, and their leadership instills respect throughout the league. A minute later though, all three advocated replacing Pierre Gauthier and Bob Gainey relatively quickly. I guess the priority is change now, stability later.

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