Wednesday, 25 January 2012

CTV Sportsnet is horrible

Just changed the channel from Sportsnet’s news, I never watch them since they’re so horrible. They were doing a piece on Mikhail Grabovski and how he could be moved at the trade deadline. First, former goon Nick Kypreos, who had a forgettable career except for how he took out Grant Fuhr in one playoff by falling on him and rupturing his ACL and effectively ending his career, anyway, this monument to the absence of credibility pipes up by saying that the Leafs centres aren’t going to get the job done if they get into the playoffs, going up “against the Rangers, the Bruins, and the, …, uh, the Rangers….” Another talking head, having done 20 seconds of research, explains that Mr. Grabovski would be a ‘perfect fit’ in Nashville, ignorant of the fact that he would there be reunited with Sergei Kostitsyn, with who he feuded to such a degree when they were both Canadiens that it got him traded to Toronto in the first place.

Great job Sportsnet. I hope you run the Leafs like you run your sports news desk.

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  1. Kypreos is an embarrassment ... I refuse to watch any longer until he's gone