Saturday, 22 October 2011

Brent Butt and Norm MacDonald to replace Don Cherry

I've been thinking about who should replace Don Cherry as our national must-watch everyone-be-quiet I'll-go-to-the-bathroom-later first-period break. Instead of having a buffoon on, let's get three comedians sitting down and talking hockey.

I nominate Brent Butt, Norm MacDonald and Peter Kelamis. All three have a good fan's knowledge of hockey and passion for the game, as demonstrated in their career. They could offer their insights on the issues of the day, maybe helped along by a moderator.

I don't want to expand the set too much, but a Québécois voice might be necessary too. I'm not up to date on who would fit the bill, it's hard staying current out here in BC, but Daniel Lemire used to riff on hockey. My only caveat is that all these guys should be brought together in a studio so they can play off each other, no satellite links, so the Quebec contributor would need to be in Toronto.

I'm trying to think of Americans who might be able to add to the segment, I know Nick Bakay is up on his Buffalo Sabres, but that might be useful.

I don't know that we want five or six guys sitting down with the host, but we could have a flexible set of guests who appear depending on their schedules. Mr. Butt and MacDonald should be the headliners, and appear regularly. Having these guys sitting down with each other on a set that looks like your average basement rec room would be eminently more watchable than Ron and Don's tired act.

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