Monday, 24 October 2011

Game 8: Montreal 1, Florida 2

If the servers don't crash, we will soon be swamped by howling posters demanding Jacques Martin on a platter and for Pierre Gauthier to be burned at the stake. I still think it's much too early in the season to panic and will accentuate the positive.

First off, it was a boon to the team that the Matt Bradley hit did not cause David Desharnais to end up in the morgue.

Also, while watching the pre-game interview with Travis Moen on RDS, I was quite taken by the vibrant hues on his jersey. I'm not sure if it's the texture of the material or if the designers monkeyed with the colour palette, but I found the blue stripe had an electric quality to it, it positively shimmered, so that the classic red, and crisp, brilliant white stripes were amplified.

A clear upgrade can be found over last year in the replacement of Benoit Brunet with Marc Denis. Mr. Denis is decisive without being hurried, is clear and informative, and works well in his pairing with Mr. Houde. We can look forward to this combination clicking for many years.

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