Sunday, 22 January 2017

Game 48: Canadiens 2, Sabres 3 (OT)

Paul Romanuk and Gary Galley calling the Canadiens 3-2 OT loss to the Sabres.

Gary Galley Magic: "The team that scores first in a game usually ends up getting a good opportunity to get ahead in the game..."

And here I was, like a sucker, thinking he might not be putrid if not anchored down by the husk of what used to be Bob Cole.  But no, Gary generates his own suckage, he's no victim, he's the author of our misery.

I guess it was bound to happen.  The Canadiens put themselves to sleep with one of their own boring games.

Certainly I was off my guard, I was counting those two points as just deserts, points we'd put in the bank in advance of not doing so against the league powerhouses.  Boy is my face red.

Carey Price certainly did enough to deserve a better fate.  His glove hand was not exposed as weak!  Weak!  Weak!

It's not like we can blame injuries either.  Our walking wounded are slowly returning, and it's not like the Sabres aren't dealing with their own headaches right now.

Oh, and la fatigue, we're even-steven with them there too, they're on back-to-back games plus travel night too.

So I don't know what to say.  We never put away a weakling, let them hang around, let them tie the game, and let them win in overtime.

Does that make us a weakling?


  1. Hated that game, feeling of doom when they didn't score more goals. I remember you mentioned the Replacements a ways back, saw them in Vancouver at the Town Pump in 1988, I think. It was a delightful debacle.

  2. Hey Normand, where are you? Taking a leave from writing here? Would be sad...

  3. Hey buddy,

    Some mixed results from our favourite team these days. I've abandoned contributing to HIO. Too many bigoted trolls on there now. Their relentless negativity and hatred for the francophones on staff and on the ice was over the top. I refuse to associate with them anymore. Plus they suck all the fun out of the game.

    Anyhow, would love your thoughts on the refs. It's pretty obvious they don't like MT (and perhaps some of our players like Shaw...) Some recent calls and non calls against the team worry me heading into the post season. The ice is tilted the wrong way if you know what I mean.

    1. Can't figure out who you are!
      But come on back. Yes, there's negativity as you describe, but it's not the consensus of the site, even if it's often loud. I stay because some of the posters make such articulate observations, and there's often great humour as well. There may be assholes, but where doesn't have those!
      And right now there's a great playoff buzz. Come on.

  4. Drat. I figured here I might find a cromulent game summary and actually entertaining commentary. But it seems you've gone dark too. Hope to see you back, here or elsewhere.

    - Horse

    1. I was thinking the same thing.

  5. Time to update your blog! Claude Julien is now running the show and the playoffs are ten games away!

  6. Stop being so errant.
    Normand, please use the opening of the playoffs as the ideal moment to return to HIO. Please.
    And if you're unwell at present, here's hoping you're better soon.
    Take care.
    Return for the playoffs.