Saturday, 3 December 2016

Game 24: Canadiens 1, Sharks 2

With Gary Bettman's dexterous awarding of the NHL's broadcast rights to the class clowns Sportsnet and TVA, I was blacked out of watching the game, and had to rely on "Canadiens Express" on RDS to witness the 2-1 defeat.  As Colonel Potter once said of Reader's Digest condensed books, they're so good, it makes you wonder what parts they could even have left out.

Although tonight's first period, you felt the editors at RDS must have taken editorial liberties, and left all sequences when the Canadiens were dominating in the Sharks' zone on the cutting room floor, to establish the narrative that San Jose somewhat dominated play against our beloved plucky Habs.

In games like these, compared to earlier in the season, the shine wears off players like Jeff Petry, who's fallen off his 164-goal-season pace somewhat.  You start to really notice that Phillip Danault isn't Guy Carbonneau 2.0 quite yet.  You start to miss having a Shayne Corson on the roster, or a scory deadly sniper to provide an outlet for Alex Radulov.  Mike Cammalleri?  Alex Semin?

Speaking of Kamerad Radulov, Alex took a nasty stick to the face and was helped off the ice near the end of the game, bleeding profusely.  We've all noted how he wears his helmet, often, with the visor tilted up and out of the way of his eyes, which kind of defeats the purpose.  We've winced and hoped that nothing bad would happen.  On this sequence, it's doubtful that the injury occurred because of the faulty use of his eye protection, Logan Couture was reckless with his stick and jammed it upwards, underneath the visor, kind of behind his back, without seeing where his opponent was.

Alex was in the dressing room after the game, sporting a few stitches on his right eyebrow, seeming okay to continue the West Coast Death March road trip.

This was the same kind of game as we've had against the Blues a couple of seasons ago, when your roster, your players seem clearly inferior to the bigger, stronger, scorier Sharks, who only had to step on the accelerator in the first period, and then coast to a win.

Next up, the Kings.  Let's hope Peter Budaj, overcome by emotions, is off his game.

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