Thursday, 11 August 2016

Shea Weber is not a catastrophic return for P.K. Subban

So, as I centimetre away from the ledge, I think I can come around to the fact that Shea Weber is no Andrei Kovalenko-Martin Rucinsky-Jocelyn Thibault package, a combination of odds and ends that makes you go “Who? Really?”

I’ve often lusted after Shea Weber, when I creeped around hockeydb, I’d stalk him at the 2003 draft page, ask myself why oh why did we waste a pick on Corey Urqhart in the second round, when both Patrice Bergeron and Shea Weber were right there, ripe for the taking, it was so obviously clear from my vantage point thousands of kilometres away and five years later. I was so impressed with his game during the 2010 Olympics, and again in 2014.

I still wouldn’t have made this trade, as a greedy fan I’m outraged the thieving Preds didn’t throw in Samuel Girard and a 2017 first-rounder to even begin negotiations, a few more picks and prospects at the ready in their back pocket. The gall of David Poile. It’s a deadly sin I believe.

But Shea Weber as compensation is closer in magnitude to Rick Green and Ryan Walter, not nearly enough for Rod Langway, Brian Engblom, Doug Jarvis and Craig Laughlin, but still useful players who’ll help us for many seasons.

I’ll miss P.K., wish we’d have found the right buttons to push, but I’ll make do with the new puppy, since my old dog had to go to my distant aunt’s farm in the country to run free and wild.

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  1. I like the trade myself. We got a window, Pk would not in the picture. Since I cant post on HIO you may wish to share this.

    It the wikileak of every player excuse to be used in the post game scrum. Unfortualtley they were written by the most disguntled employee. First as the anyalytics guy he was dissappointed that his only assignment for the year was making up platitudes. Given the organizations ability to change these will be in place for the whole season.