Tuesday, 28 June 2016

P.K. Subban's noble charitable endeavours should not be downplayed.

(June 23)

I feel the criticism, or at least the attempt to downplay the import of P.K. Subban's charity work, by pointing out that it’s not coming out of his pocket, misses the mark.

First and foremost, the intention is genuine, and ambitious. He could like other players restrict his endeavours to a charity golf tournament and then some appearance work with the team. He goes well beyond that, and is generating excitement for the cause, leaving a lasting legacy in his adoptive hometown.

Also, the idea that it’s not coming out of his pocket is strictly true only in the narrowest sense. It is true that it’s his foundation that will donate the money, and that he’s ‘only’ undertaken to fundraise the amount.

But that’s neither here nor there. If P.K. wasn’t spending his time fundraising for l'Hopital pour Enfants, he could/might whore himself out to the highest bidder, do commercials for XYZ Foods and Napalm Derivatives. He could raise all that money for himself, by doing more appearance and endorsement work that goes to him. So in a way, he’s paying at least that opportunity cost.

Or, he could spend that time at a pool party in Vegas with Jarrett Stoll. He could be out carousing and racing around in his “Roi du Camion” freebie monster truck, with a lift kit so high that you can’t steer around curves or trees too well.

That he brings his magnetism and charisma and fame to bear on this cause, that he spends lots of time and energy on this cause is laudable. This isn’t a time to look for warts.

If people want to knock P.K. for his poor play or lack of consistency last season, for his brain-cramp giveaways, they can go right ahead, we can discuss those. But to try to advance an agenda by minimizing the value of his donation is dishonest, or at least shows a lack of understanding.

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