Friday, 21 November 2014

Gary Bettman, Dion Phaneuf are big fat idiots.

Gary Bettman is a nincompoop.

With that out of the way, I'm catching up to some PVR'ed stuff, and on ESPN's "Around the Horn", they have a segment on the Leafs snubbing their fans yesterday.  Now ESPN has little time for hockey or the NHL, they'll usually stoop to dealing with it only when there's nothing NFL or NBA going on,  or when some truly outrageous and violent incident occurs.  "Pardon the Interruption"'s Tony Kornheiser's shtick includes a plea to viewers not to switch the channel when he announces they'll soon talk hockey.

This is what happens when you ghetto-ize your league by giving one network monopoly on your product, thus giving others the green light to safely ignore it, actually make it in their best interests to.  ESPN will give a short snippet of attention to an unbelievable Tarasenk-goal, or an entire segment to a team embarrassing itself, because it's outside the norm and conversation-worthy, but refrain from doing too much to drum up a league and drive ratings for NBC.

And yeah Dion, nice moves there, you got on ESPN for being a mendacious, capricious puckhead.

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