Saturday, 17 September 2011

Busy Hice, it's full câlice!

The Canadiens will have 64 players split into three squads for their three day camp at the practice facility in Brossard, Quebec. Sixty four. That's a lot of jaded veterans and starry-eyed rookies in close quarters, and much potential for clashes and collisions.

The squads are found by clicking here.

Team C has two interesting lines. Maybe the coaching staff has been reading the line combinations Canadiens fans have been posting on forums since June. These two posted below have been fairly unanimous among Canadiens fans. And I thought it was pointless…

David Desharnais – Lars Eller – Andrei Kostitsyn
Travis Moen – Andreas Engqvist – Ryan White

This one has a nice look to it, might be ready in 2-3 years time, although Mathieu might have retired by then. It would be great if a bigger winger like Alain Berger or Steve Quailer was on left wing.

Mathieu Darche – Michael Bournival – Brendan Gallagher

Every team has a slew of rookies who look great and bottomless hope for this season and beyond, but objectively, the Canadiens are entitled to more of both. Indubitably.

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