Wednesday, 15 September 2010

NFL rules, Ines Sainz stretched it until it broke

By now you have seen Calvin Johnson's catch in the end zone on Sunday against the Bears that was somehow ruled an incomplete pass. I don't want to spend too much time explaining why it was ruled that way, except to comment that the NFL has ended up with a nonsensical situation. By parsing and defining to a ridiculous degree, they called a dramatic game-winning catch an incompletion, while everyone watching on their couch or at the pub saw it as it clearly was.

Another nonsensical situation is the investigation by the NFL and the NY Jets of the treatment Ms. Ines Sainz received while working on an interview of the Jets' quarterback Mark Sanchez. Again, I won't repeat the entire story, except to comment that this incident stretches reality to the breaking point. We can accept that a sports journalist needs access to the locker room to do her job, and to restrict access to women journalist would be discriminatory. We understand that while they are doing their job they should be allowed in to the locker room without hindrance, and that everyone should act professional and like grownups.

In this case it appears that many Jets instead acted like hormonally-supercharged teens, gawking and going in for a closer look and flirting with Ms. Sainz. This would be mildly reprehensible, if she hadn't built a career purely on her looks and sexuality, and didn't bill herself on her website "the hottest journalist in Mexico". Ms. Sainz isn't reporting the news, she is trying to create the news and inject herself into the proceedings. She tries to titillate and create a response based on her appearance, and here apparently she succeeded.

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